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QD Super MultiClip Pusher Straight/Design Tool - Rose Gold

QD Super MultiClip Pusher Straight/Design Tool - Rose Gold

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Super MultiClip Pusher Straight/Design Tool Beauty and functionality meet with this super tool it will hold extensions in place, push, pinch, remove, hold, scrape, squeeze and so much more. Looks gorgeous too!

Super MultiClip Pusher Straight/Design Tool Description:

This Dual-end manicure tool is multifunctional, may be used for nail shaping and removal of nail polish. Also, It can be used to pick up the decorations while doing nail art design. The X-type handle is easy to hold, comfortable and simple to use. Suitable for professional use and home use. this one is straight.

Super MultiClip Pusher Straight/Design Tool Features:

With both sides designed for  multi-purpose use, this beauty is ideal for pinching to get that perfect c curve as well as pushing cuticles and many other functions..
Also excellent to use for picking up  decorations while doing nail art designs. It can be used in Gel or Acrylic Nails as a clamp. Stainless Steel, durable and anti-rust.


Type: Manicure Tool straight
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Rose gold
Package Size: Approx. 20 * 1 * 1cm / 7.9 * 0.4 * 0.4in
Package Weight: Approx. 37g / 1.3oz

Package List

1 * Manicure Tool

Why Choose QD?

At QD we are passionate about sourcing the newest and latest trends in nail art. Our mission is to find only the best quality and as we import direct and not through a brand overseas we can also supply at fair prices. We love nail art and it is something that never stops growing. QD does not wait for trends to come and go, our overseas sourcing agents are always finding new and exciting trends. This will give you the ability to always be cutting edge in all things nails!

QD prides themselves in stocking only great products from all around the world. We truly believe that no one factory can make everything well and for this reason we have dozens of suppliers and factories ensuring only the finest and best of everything.

We are a truly global brand with our number one priority being you the customer!

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