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Collette Malić Inkless Stretch Mark Reversal Serum 50ml

Collette Malić Inkless Stretch Mark Reversal Serum 50ml

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The inkless tattoo method stands out as a superior solution for reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars, a fact that an increasing number of individuals are recognizing for its efficacy.

Moreover, this method can also effectively address fine lines and wrinkles. Despite its effectiveness, many remain unaware of this treatment and its remarkable ability to improve scars, fine lines, and stretch marks.

The serum demonstrates increased efficacy when used in conjunction with the inkless tattoo method. Alternatively, although potentially less effective, the serum can also complement microneedling procedures.

We incorporate a blend of serums, organic oils, and vitamins to enhance cellular turnover, reconstruct Fibroblast cells, Collagen, and Elastin for skin cell rejuvenation. 

Synergistically blended serum to produce remarkable results, including:

  • Reduction of Stretch Marks
  • Skin Firming
  • Texture Smoothing
  • Skin Tone Balancing
  • Scar Fading

Remarkably, numerous clients who had previously invested significantly in laser treatments for stretch marks and scars without success experienced noticeable improvements after just one session of the inkless needling technique.

Individual responses to treatment vary, making it challenging to predict outcomes or the required number of sessions accurately. While some clients experience remarkable improvements after just one session, others may require between 3 or more depending on the severity of scarring and the skin's responsiveness. Certain individuals may observe minimal changes. Notably, individuals with darker skin tones often experience natural re-pigmentation of stretch marks following one or two needling sessions, contingent upon scar coloration and skin type. MCA needling has demonstrated effectiveness in enhancing skin texture and softening imperfections.

MCA needling is an in-salon treatment that requires careful administration by individuals who are qualified and insured to perform this procedure.

"Dry" tattooing, also known as inkless needling (multitreppanic collagen actuation), historically involved the procedure being performed solely with tattooing needles, devoid of topical products. Nevertheless, recent regulatory amendments in numerous countries necessitate the inclusion of suitable serums during the process. This slight yet impactful modification aids in delivering vital vitamins and reparative elements deeper into the skin, fostering improved and accelerated skin rejuvenation.

As a formality, it is imperative to clarify that up to this point, none of our clients have reported any adverse reactions to the serum. However, it is essential to acknowledge that the possibility of such reactions cannot be entirely ruled out.

Kindly acknowledge that your decision to utilize this serum for treatment is done entirely at your own risk. You agree not to take any form of action against the Clinic, its staff, agents, representatives, or employees due to any outcomes resulting from the serum, including instances where the treatment may not achieve the desired results. It is important to note that the Clinic does not provide any assurances, promises, inducements, warranties, or guarantees regarding the efficacy of the treatment or any associated effects or outcomes.

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