Collection: Acrylic Powder Systems

Create amazing acrylic nails for your Clients

Using our comprehensive range of professional acrylic nail powders and liquids. These high quality polymers and monomers are all imported from the best factories in the U.S.A, you are guaranteed to be able to offer a professional nail finish every time.

QD Acrylic Powders

QD offer a varied and comprehensive range of acrylic nail powders in an array of colours. Unique to us is the Acrylic Overlay series in 15ml jar. Blended just right for sculpting overlay. Whether you’d like to create a classic, natural nail look or a bright, eye-catching manicure, QD offers a variety of acrylic powder art colours bold and beautiful. The self-levelling formula of our base range allows more time for nail technicians to achieve the perfect shape as well as ensuring strength and durability for the perfect long-lasting manicure. They come in 15, 50 or 400g options. White, clear and cover.

QD acrylic powder is a great choice for any nail professional. With colour stabilisers to avoid discolouration and an advanced formula that provides outstanding adhesion to the nail, you are able to create a fabulous manicure for your client that’s sure to last.

Acrylic liquid

Our Liquid monomers are available in 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml and come in M1, for those who prefer to work fast, M2, for a medium set as well as our exclusive M-Perfect Art, packed full of plasticizer and exclusively designed for QD. This special blend allows the most amazing art work. M-Perfect Art is only available in 200ml.

Welcome to the finest Acrylics in South Africa or anywhere else!